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Yoga a Gem for Women First Edition Allied Publishers Signed Copy




This is probably the rarest book I have ever had. Suited more for book collectors. It has an unusual covering letter and the book is signed by BKS Iyengar and addressed to Mr Menuhin. The covering letter was written by BKS Iyengar, Geeta’s father, and addressed to Yehudi Menuhin, when he lived in Highgate, London, N6. The letter explains in detail about the book.

The book is in extremely good condition. What makes this unique book valuable for collectors is because it includes the accompanying air mail letter, it is not often that you get one famous man writing to another famous man. This sale includes the covering air mail letter, and the signed First edition book from BKS Iyengar to Mr Menuhin in April 1985.

This book was the gift that IYNAUS were going to present to Geetaji, unfortunately there was a problem getting the funds together so the sale fell through. It is for sale now at a bargain price £3000.





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